Welcome to the New Birth Worship Centers Website. New Birth Worship Center (NBWC) is a non-denominational church that believes everyone deserves a spiritual “New Birth” on their journey through life with God. Our goal is that when you come to worship with us, you will leave Empowered, Encouraged and Equipped.

In times such as these, people have many challenges in their lives such as health, financial, relationships, or most importantly, knowing God. Furthermore, they are unaware of His Promises and of their own spiritual identity. Regardless of the situation, we believe there is a word from God to address every problem or situation and that NBWC is the place to find answers to your life’s problems and situations through the word of God. Consider visiting with us for Bible Study, Sunday School and/or Sunday Morning Worship Service. Come expecting a blessing and the God who lives in you will meet you here.

So we invite you to come and worship with us and to experience God’s grace for yourself. NBWC believes and knows that God supplies all of our needs and He is willing and able to do the same thing for you according to your faith.  “The church where the New Birth in Christ are Empowered, Encouraged, and Equipped through Scripture.”