Empowering through the Decon and Deconess Ministry…

 1 Timothy 3:13 makes it clear that ministering as a decon or deconess is a rewarding and honorable calling in the church.

 Decons and Deconess are servants first.

† The Decons and Deconess of NBWC are men and women who are assigned to assist the Pastor and members in spiritual matters of the church.

 Their main responsibilities are visitation, teaching, and evangelism.

 They serve in areas such as baptism, prayer request, visiting the sick and shut-in, and caring and assisting families during their time of bereavement.


The Purpose of the Decon and Deconess Ministry is to:

The Decon and Deconess Ministry frees the pastoral staff for prayer, preparation and ministering the Word; serves the Lord in spiritual ways; possesses a firm grasp of sound doctrine; advances the unity of the church; and promotes evangelism.


When does the Decon and Deconess Ministry meet?

The Decon and Deconess Ministry meets the third Wednesday of each month and as the need arises.