What is the NBWC Early Learning Center (ELC)?

 It promotes the spiritual development of infants and toddlers.

 It is more than a nursery

 It is staffed with two (2) qualified adults at all times and pleasant volunteers.

 It features teacher-directed, Biblical-themed stories, videos, and other activities.

 A peaceful and positive experience in a clean and secure environment.

 Age appropriate snacks are available.

 It allows parents to focus on the worship rather than worry about their children.


“Why the ELC is vital to NBWC:

The Bible has specific promises about God’s presence when children are welcomed and loved in Jesus’ name.  The most important and vulnerable members of our church family are entrusted to our care in the ELC.  God blesses those who serve His children.  The Early Learning Center at NBWC is a vital ministry because …

– God is present;

– It allows the minister to fulfill his ministry;

– It provides a child with his or her first experience with the church;

– It provides the first contact for the church and young families;

– It provides an opportunity for spiritual growth as we model Jesus’ example of service to others;

– It provides a powerful opportunity for prayer and spiritual nurture.


When, Where and What time does the NBWC ELC?

The NBWC ELC is conducted each Sunday in our Nursery @ 9:50 AM.