God’s plan for New Birth Worship Center (NBWC) began in September 1996, when a group of Christian believers came together expressing a desire to grow closer to God in their praise and worship service. They had a hunger and thirst for more of God’s anointing; His power by the Holy Spirit; His blessings; His wisdom; and growth in His word.

God, in His Infinite Wisdom, in 1996 gathered this group of Christian believers together and birthed in them a desire to begin a church which would be devoted to Him, and whose members would worship Him in spirit and in truth. The name New Birth Worship Center was prayerfully agreed upon and on December 15th, 1996, a church Constitution was adopted. On January 5th, 1997, NBWC held its first church service at the West Yadkin Lodge in Yadkinville NC with Reverend Bobby France administering the first communion service. A music ministry was formed in the fall of 1997 to further enhance the church service. By God’s grace and mercy the Music Ministry now consists of six choirs: Ensemble, Inspirational Choir, Male Chorus, Mass Choir, Praise Team, and Youth Choir. In 2009, “Angels of Mercy” Dance Ministry was birthed.

Reverend Charles Fulton was the first pastor of NBWC, serving from August 31st, 1997 to August 14th, 1999. In September 1997, under Reverend Fulton’s leadership, the prayers of the members, and by the favor and blessings of the Holy Spirit, the first land parcel was purchased. On October 25th, 1998, groundbreaking ceremony for Phase I of NBWC, which includes the fellowship hall, kitchen, computer and file room, vestibule, choir room (now the library), and pastor’s office (now business office) was held. The first church service in the new facility was held on July 11, 1999.

Later that year, the membership of NBWC found themselves without a pastor. They began a prayerful & spirit-led search to find the spiritual leader God had anointed and appointed to be their pastor, teacher, and who would minister God’s word in spirit and in truth to God’s people. When Reverend James L.E. Hunt came to be interviewed, as he describes it, he saw the vision God had given him when he drove onto to the grounds of NBWC. On February 20th, 2000, Reverend Hunt became our pastor. Shortly thereafter, Reverend Hunt earned his Doctor of Ministry (D. Min) and became Dr. James L.E. Hunt.

With God’s favor, and under Dr. Hunt’s leadership, Phase II of NBWC was completed which includes the main sanctuary, nursery, choir room, conference room, pastor’s office, baptismal pool and educational wing.

Due to our Pastor, Dr. Hunt’s preaching and teaching of God’s word… regarding tithes and offerings, and our obedience… we were blessed to celebrate with a two-day Mortgage Burning Ceremony on May 18th and 19th, 2013.

In January 2018, the Music Ministry changed its name to the Music and Fine Arts Ministry.  It was expanded to include Spoken Word Ministry and to provide a platform for individuals who are gifted, by God, to write and share their inspirations from life experiences and their walk with God through poetry and other literary compositions.

The membership of NBWC has grown both spiritually and numerically! God continues to add to our church as people seek to be Empowered, Encouraged, and Equipped with God’s word.