Encouraging through the Missionary Ministry …

Missions are the method by which, through human agents, God extends his kingdom among men and women until it shall come to be universal.” – W. O. Carver. “All the World in All the Word”.

Missionary Ministry at NBWC serves both members and nonmembers of the church to provide help to others through service, sharing God’s Truths, and showing love and support to all people in all situations.

The Missionary Ministry has performed such task as providing toiletries to a local Senior Citizen’s Home, providing food for families during Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays, and keeping the church’s Food Pantry stocked for those in need as well as hosting/sponsoring Community Health Fairs.


How does the NBWC Missionary Ministry provide encouragement?

Encouragement is provided by NBWC Missionary Ministry whose members serve as God’s witnesses and ambassadors to individuals or families who are bereaved or in need in the community. Jesus Christ is used as the model for Christian compassion when ministering to the total person in His name.


When, Where and What time does Missionary Ministry meet?

The Missionary Ministry meets monthly.


The NBWC Hospitality Committee is . . .

A valuable part of all internal and external church events;

Uses food as a medium to feed the Kingdom of God;

Demonstrates excellence in quality and Christian service to all we serve;

Provides meals, refreshments and learning opportunities for various events;

Enhances meal service by providing themed decorations, physical nutrition, and healthy food options to meet all dietary needs.