Ministering through Inspired Music, Dance, and Spoken Word …

† NBWC’s Music and Fine Arts Ministry includes 5 Choirs, liturgical dance and spoken word ministries, staff musicians, and sound and media teams.

† It shares the gospel of Jesus Christ through inspired songs, instrumental music, soloist and musical expressions through dance and spoken word (poetry and other literary compositions).

† This ministry seeks to encourage by leading the congregation in worship and praise and spiritually inspired music, dance and spoken word that prepares the hearts and minds of all worshippers to receive the word of God.


What is the purpose of the NBWC Music and Fine Arts Ministry?

The purpose of the NBWC Music and Fine Arts Ministry is to glorify the Lord and lift the hearts of worshippers in His praise.  It ensures the fulfillment of the 7 principles identified in scripture through worship (2 Chronicles 29:28) , thanksgiving (Psalm 147:7), rejoicing (Psalm 98:4-5), consecration (Psalm 111:1), edification (Colossians 3:16), evangelism (Psalm 40:3) and the preservation of faith (Psalm 145:4-5).


When, where and what time does Music and Fine Arts Ministry meet?

The Music and Fine Arts Ministry meets weekly as scheduled at the allotted times for the individual entities.