What is the NBWC Scholarship Committee?

 The Scholarship Committee helps build God’s kingdom through higher education.

 It recognizes the power of education and prepares, supports and empowers students with financial assistance via scholarship awards.

 It researches and identifies opportunities to subsidize college for high school students.

 The Scholarship Committee plans and implements educational enrichment programs such as Essay Review Day, FASFA Day, and College Day tours.

 It oversees the application review process, eligibility requirements and determination of awards.

 It oversees the distribution and timely delivery of funds for award recipients.


What are the responsibilities of the Scholarship Committee?

The Scholarship Committee supports, promotes, and encourages the educational pursuits and goals of high school students. . Academic excellence, leadership and community service are encouraged.  The Committee develops recommendations for guidelines and policy considerations relating to scholarship awards.


When, Where, and What time does Scholarship Committee start?

The NBWC Scholarship Committee meets as scheduled.