What is the NBWC Usher / Greeter Ministry all about?

 It is about having a heart for serving God’s people.

 Ushers and Greeters ensure physical comfort during worship services.

 Ushers and Greeters enhance the welcome experience for visitors to the church.

† Greeters are individuals who:

– Greet and Seat parishioners and visitors for worship services and special programs;

– serve as the “doorkeepers for the house of the Lord”;

– create a unique welcome experience;

– set the tone for friendliness and hospitality;

– demonstrate Christian love from arrival to departure.

 Ushers maintain times of reverence during worship service and special programs.

 Ushers assist with offerings and collections.


Serving as an Usher or Greeter at NBWC . . .

Ushers and Greeters play an important role in building God’s kingdom because they serve as the face of the body of Christ to those God sends our way.  They help guests feel the love of God by truly welcoming them into God’s house through friendly and authentically gracious service.  Instructions and guidelines are provided.


When, Where and What time does the Usher Board meet?

The NBWC Ushers and Greeters meet monthly.