What is Youth Church all about?

 It provides a Christ-centered but structured worship experience for young people.

 It is a youth-friendly environment that meets youth at their level.

 It prepares young believers to become active Disciples of Christ.

 Youth Church helps young people decide “whom they will serve”.

 It supports the belief that “what you learn early, you learn deep” (First Lady Elvita A. Hunt)

 NBWC Youth Church teaches young believers how to Live and Grow according to God’s Word in today’s peer-directed society.

 It trains and equips young believers for spiritual warfare.


What’s taught in Youth Church?

At NBWC Youth Church falls under the umbrella of Christian Education.  Basic Bible stories and lessons are interspersed with present-day life applications for children in grades K-12.  NBWC Youth Church promotes spiritual development through a focus on relationship building:

 Establishing/maintaining a personal relationship with God through study, prayer, and worship;

 Fellowshipping with peers who adhere to being in the right place with the right person doing what Jesus would do;

 Aligning with mentors and adults to provide support for spiritual goals;

 Collaborating with leadership that teaches today those things that will be needed tomorrow.


When, Where and What time does Youth Church start?

The NBWC Youth Church meets the third Sunday of each month in our Educational Room @ 10:00 AM.